PayG Payouts Payment Solution: First At The Finish Line

PayG Payouts Payment Solution: First At The Finish Line

PayG Payouts Payment Solution: First At The Finish Line

Posted On: December 15, 2020 Posted By: Prerna Saxena

PayG Introduces Payouts and Scheduled Payouts feature for its Merchant

The payment market in India is huge. With the expansion of strong versatile payment gateway and the origination of online business in the nation, India's credit only economy has for sure quickened in the previous few years.

In the wake of having a conversation with a ton of our merchants, we found that they were confronting issues in regards to bulk transactions. Subsequently, to make it simple for you to do your business payments, we chose to introduce PayG Payouts.

Our goal is to engage business with a straightforward, consistent and robotized measure that helps in smoothing out payments and help them with arrangements that make business banking basic, adaptable and proficient. This feature of PayG assists organizations with decreasing money exchanges, keep up better records, and dodge mistakes and deferrals.

PayG Payout is driven by APIs on PayG for Dashboard to make bulk payments to financial balances, UPI addresses, and PayG Wallets in a split second. This feature helps organizations or business with embracing a robotized payment mechanism.

PayG Payout Featurs At Your Fingertips

  • Use the Payouts API to make payments to multiple PayG recipients
  • Zero setup fee and zero maintenance charges
  • Single operation create multiple Payouts
  • Multiple Payout modes
  • Add any number of beneficiary account
  • Instant refunds and cashback to customers
  • Validate accounts in real time
  • Auto reconciliation for failed transactions
  • Send money to multiple recipients at once

Send Your Payments In Bulk Rapidly

Starting today, we are glad to report that we are moving to Payouts services as the following period of our PayG payments upgrades, with brought down exchange costs and expanded welcomes to top workers on our foundation. The test lies in picking Payout techniques that both fulfill your hierarchical objectives and guarantee payee joy and fulfillment. One size doesn't fit all, and at times, the lynch pin could be adding extra administrations to existing payments arrangements, in this manner making a more comprehensive and appealing help offering for payees.

We have built up a total Payout stage with incredible highlights that can assist you with smoothing out your payment cycle and send payments in mass to providers, accomplices, distant representatives, specialists and some more. Regardless of the number of payments you need to make on the double and what the complete volume is, you can depend on PayG to convey the funds quickly.

While we had decided to improve business banking all in all, bulk Payouts have consistently been directly on top of our agenda. We get how overseeing payments can be a serious tough undertaking for most organizations and with adaptation networks detonating for what it's worth, bulk Payouts have advanced toward the cutting edge of overseeing business funds.

Batch Payments With Multiple Methods

The more your business develops universally, the more unpredictable worldwide payments can get. You can quit agonizing over those high charges, extensive conveyance time, confounding financial frameworks and complex assessment guidelines. With one stage, we disentangle Payouts making it simple to send payments.

With PayG, you can send bulk Payouts to your providers, accomplices, seaward representatives, consultants in the payment technique they like. You can even incorporate the same number of payees, payment techniques and monetary standards varying. Truly, we can deal with every last bit of it.

Types Of Payout Mode Used

  • IMPS
  • NEFT
  • RTGS
  • UPI


Online Gaming
  • Players can receive winning amount in their bank account instantly
  • Provide cashback to your regular players
  • Smooth and easy vendor settlements in marketplace
  • Speedy refunds to customers
  • Daily wages earners can request a Payout of their daily earnings via PayG Payouts
  • Disburse reimbursements to employees anytime
Corporate sector
  • Salary disbursements to employees on time
  • Employee incentives directly from PayG Payout
Financial services
  • Pay claims and refunds instantaneously via PayG Payout
  • Make instant loan disbursals
  • Merchants use Payouts to easily send and reconcile vendor payments
Logistics services
  • Support refund, reimbursement and bill payments
  • Complete Payout history is available online
  • Set funding flows, configure fees, and trace payment delivery with a comprehensive management dashboard
  • Vendors can get paid everyday via Schedule Payouts
On demand marketplaces
  • Set Payout schedule and reporting for your service provider
  • mass payment platform that could quickly and easily enable drivers to collect their fares
  • streamline the transport driver Payouts
P2P Money Transfer
  • Merchant facilitates the transfer of money between two individuals
B2C Disbursements
  • Merchant pays out to its sellers, customers, freelancers, and many more


At PayG, everything we do prompts a solitary point: requesting that our clients leave their payment stresses to us while they design and open development for their business. With this dispatch, we are hoping to enable the gig economy to work better, quicker and all the more productively. In the event that you also are in a business that makes mass payments, think about changing to PayG Payouts and mechanize all your business payments.


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