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PayG PayOuts-Set Up The Right Solution For You

Get paid out quickly and easily. Can also manage previous and upcoming deposits, and see expected Payout dates right from the dashboard.

Single Point Reconciliation

Use PayG dashboard for all your receivables and Payouts.

PayG automates your Payouts workflows and handles the complexity of fund transfer and compliance, thus reduce opportunities for human error. PayG Payouts used to send money to multiple people at the same time from anywhere.

PayG PayOuts-Set Up The Right Solution For You


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Account Activation

few minutes

Accept Payments

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How PayG Payout works?


Step 1

Sign Up for a PayG account.


Step 2

Add beneficiaries to your PayG Payout account using our dashboard or API


Step 3

Send Payout instantly in just one click to your beneficiaries.


Step 4

Get notified through email or webhooks or go through the PayG dashboard to views the detailed reports.

Why to choose PayG PayOuts

  • Refund settlement process is instantaneous
  • Use the Payouts API to make payments to multiple PayG recipients
  • Add any number of beneficiary account
  • Instant refunds and cashback to customers
  • Validate accounts in real time
  • Auto reconciliation for failed transactions
  • Send money to multiple recipients at once
Instant refunds and cashback  -  PayG

Benefits of PayG PayOuts

  • Make Payouts to your contact via UPI, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS modes
  • Ensures the success of transfers by validating recipient accounts as well as VPA addresses.
  • Single dashboard for all your receivables and PayOuts
  • Enable users to review and approve PayOuts from the PayG dashboard
  • Disburse instant refunds to customers
  • Automate your Payouts with REST APIs
  • Track and manage funds with real-time updates and notifications
  • Settle claims instantly


Manage your entire business with PayG Payouts
Online Gaming
  • Your players can receive winning amount in their bank account instantly
  • Increases business revenue by offering them API driven Payouts 24*7
  • Provide cashback to your regular players
subscription Payments  -  PayG
Wage payments/Corporate
  • Salary disbursements to employees on time
  • Daily wages earners can request a Payout of their daily earnings via PayG Payouts
  • Disburse reimbursements to employees anytime
  • Employee incentives directly from PayG Payouts
E-commerce platform
  • Smooth and easy vendor settlements in marketplace
  • Speedy refunds to customers
  • Make Payouts to vendors
Financial Services
  • Pay claims and refunds instantaneously via PayG Payout
  • Make instant loan disbursals
  • Merchants use Payouts to easily send and reconcile vendor payments
Logistic Industry
  • Support refund, reimbursement and bill payments
  • Complete Payout history is available online
  • Set funding flows, configure fees, and trace payment delivery with a comprehensive management dashboard
  • Vendors can get paid everyday via Schedule Payouts
Utility Bills  -  PayG

Understanding Schedule Payouts

  • PayG offers a number of different Payout schedule options. You can choose to automatically have funds paid out daily, weekly, or monthly (up to 3 months) to your partners, customers or vendors.
  • Bulk Payment made Easy- Upload hundreds of Payouts at once.
  • You can also set a custom Payout schedule. Your Payouts will arrive according to your Payout schedule.
Payout Mode Fund Account Type Amount Limit Processing Hours
IMPS bank account Upto ₹2 lakh (per transaction) Credited immediately on all days 24x7
NEFT bank account Upto ₹1 lakh (per transaction) Credited within 2 hours between 1:00 a.m. and 6:45 p.m. on NEFT working days.*
RTGS bank account Upto ₹2 lakh (per transaction) Credited in 30 minutes between 9:00 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. on RTGS working days.*
UPI vpa Upto ₹1 lakh (per day) Credited immediately on all days 24x7
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Do more of what you always wanted

On the whole,using a PayG Virtual POS system to supplement your regular POS lets you increase your sales and build new customer relationships beyond the confines of your location, which in turn spurs growth and provides new opportunities to expand your business.

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