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Jumpstart Your Online Store with Minimal Cash Investment

Better shopping experience with PayG

Jumpstart Your Online Store with Minimal Cash Investment

The effect of COVID-19 is far reaching. Regardless of the business your retail business is in, the log jam has most likely affected your deals and the coming months appear to be capricious as far as business development. This is when a large portion of you is thinking on the lines of how to begin an online store in India.

Starting an online store in India, particularly the present moment, is a great idea, considering that the market for it is blooming

To work together online you should begin an online store. Anyway, to begin online store probably won't be an extremely unpredictable assignment as numerous individuals would think. Truth be told, presently a day it's extremely simple to begin especially in case you are not really proficient with innovation.

Building your online store will assist you with drawing in customers and brake topographical limits. Your item and services will reach to a greater number of prospect customers, who may evaluate your administrations or items, how? since it will be advantageous for them to look at all your items or services and request on the web.

Better shopping experience with PayG

Online store alludes to the way toward purchasing and selling labour and products on the web, however lately, and surprisingly more so during the pandemic, the shopping experience has reached out past that.

PayG helps you with getting your store online with all of the features you need to build your image and increment incomes.

Key Points:

An interesting platform for mobile payments, PayG has already made a call for itself with its smooth interfaces, fast transactions and a smooth, easy integration procedure that doesn't take tons time or effort.

  • While complete retail development gotten, the online market extended, driven by expansions in the quantity of Internet customers and higher use per head.
  • The main consideration behind this outperformance of extended retail is the online channel's qualities that protect traders from the adverse consequence of the downturn.
  • Further developing the client experience is a viable way for retailers to separate themselves from contest.
  • Going ahead, retailers will require an all-encompassing methodology, to guarantee that the entirety of their disconnected and online channels work consistently together.

Benefits of online business to Business

  • Expansion in potential portion of the overall industry by expanding the client base
  • Utilization of EDI, B2B information trade
  • Low hindrances to things
  • Give safe business and instant transactions
  • Take an interest in retail for the dispatch of new items and services
  • day in and day out, 365 days of deals (purchaser and dealer)
  • Decrease of employee costs


Your Free Online Store Is Just A Few Clicks Away

Manage everything from a single dashboard with order management, product, centralized inventory, pricing, and more


PayG dashboard is a feature-rich user-interface which assists you with adequately overseeing and screen your record.

PayG Point of sale (POS)

  • Login to our dashboard
PayG Point of sale
How to create your Merchant data
  • Click on Business info and update the required field.
  • Under Tax fees, you can create a tax fee by entering a tax fee name & tax rate.
  • Under item category, you can categorize the items by entering the category name, select tax type from the drop down & enter the HSN code.
  • Under Items, you can create a new item by entering the required fields. Also select the price type (fixed, variable & per unit), enter product code as well after that you can submit the data.
  • By clicking on Business Hours, you can create a business schedule here.
  • By clicking on Customer, you can create & submit your customer data here.
  • By clicking on Employee, you can create & submit your employee data here
How to Create Order
  • Go to Point of sale and click Orders
  • Select items from the given item-category
  • After selecting items, enter customer details & shipping address of the customer
  • Customer will receive the Order details via e-mail & SMS, from there they can directly pay the amount
  • FOR CASH- OR, after selecting items, enter customer details & shipping address of the customer and then select for cash option, in this scenario customer will going to do the cash payment.
  • You can also save the order by clicking the save option
Manage your products in‑app
  • Upload the product photos
  • Set the product and pricing details
  • Add the products to collections
  • Scan barcodes to adjust inventory
Under POS dashboard merchant

Built in Payment Gateway

Secure payments with PayG payment solution

Once customers add items to their shopping cart, paying for them is straightforward and secure. And PayG payment gateway makes running the whole process effortless.

Safe For Your Customers

Give your customers the opportunity to pay you with any payment mode. Safe PCI-DSS payments & secure SSL-certified web-hosting to power your online store.

PayG application can keep your business moving rapidly. In the quick moving world of web-based business, that speed can be the distinction between a deal for you or for your competitor.

PayG has all you require to begin selling on the web, for any online business. Start your business today on the one stage with the internet business and retail location highlights to begin, run, and develop your business.

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