Collect Education fees, donations, insurance premium, registrations with our new feature “Pay Profile”Learn More ☎ Customer Care

PayG is fully responsible for all fronts to end transactions and authorizations, settlement, and all card processing operational.....

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Reaching the customers and serving them the best and fresh bakery products with a simple payment method are key nowadays....

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The PayG sends the payment info to a merchants getting bank that then processes the information for the merchant momentarily......

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Business to business (B2B) payments is that the transactions that square measure processed between one bourgeois and another....

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PayG will enable you improve your everyday business tasks like taking requests, dealing with your index, stock and payment preparing....

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We need a straightforward and secure payment process for all sorts of business and this may surely satisfy your customers....

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Coffee Café 

“Everything gets better with a coffee.” When we visit the coffee place to drink our favourite cup of coffee, we wish to urge good facilities.....

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Diagnostics Centers

PayG allows you to pay online bill payment of hospital bills, appointment fees, advance booking of medication etc.....

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Educational Institutes

We need a straightforward and secure payment process for all sorts of business and this may surely satisfy your customers.....

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Paperless e-tailing payments have revolutionized the payment process by reducing work, and group action prices. ....

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PayG is that payment gateway that you simply decide for your e-commerce site should impart trust in your customers as they create their buys. It is a straightforward programming application.

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Food Deliveries

The food delivery of mobile apps made our life more leisurely. Food delivery could be a way that permits customers to order food through the restaurant oriented mobile app or website.

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PayG has kept pace by offering a full suite of different payment systems, products and services which will help increase revenue, enhance your bottom line and facilitate your be competitive within the marketplace.

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PayG understands the necessities and challenges of payment processing within the public sector including public sector undertakings, government department’s ministries and municipalities.

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Getting started with PayG – the Best
Payment Gateway of India

Quick steps get you onboarded in our payment gateway solution!​

payg signup


Create Account

Register with PayG and complete the OTP verification ​

Account activation


Verify (KYC)

Submit the required documents and let PayG verify your identity​

Account activation


Go Live

You are all set to go live and receive online payments from your buyers

Simplify and Grow Your Business

Your comfort is our aim – we have curated PayG payment gateway carefully, keeping YOU in the centre. So, you can cut down all your dependencies of transaction management. ​

payment gateway merchant dashboard
payment gateway merchant dashboard


Dashboard Reporting ​

Get a composite view and minute details of your account with a single click. Apply any sorting and filter option you need and access everything.

Payment link


Instant Activation 

Register with PayG in just 3 simple steps and start receiving secure payments instantly – no need to wait days to receive payments.



Instant Settlement

Receive the settled amount instantly after your customers pay. PayG proudly settles the amount instantly without holding the money.

payg upi autopay feature


Split Settlement

Split the settled amount among your suppliers or partners just by entering a few details – we will do the calculations for you and send.

payg qr code feature


Partial Payment

Provide the ease of making payments in parts to your customers - just enable/disable the option and set the amounts.

payg qr code feature



Pay your vendors or your partners or employees in bulk without even going to a bank – we will transfer the amount instantly.

payg qr code feature


100+ Payment Methods

Be ready to receive money through UPI, Cards, Netbanking, Wallet, NEFT, etc. No matter what your customers choose, your money is safe.

payg qr code feature



Be a part of an ultra-secure environment of payment gateway with PCI compliance and DSS certification.  

payg qr code feature


Easy to Integrate

Stay out of huge coding complications – our ready to use integrations with complete documentations are at your service.


No coding knowledge – Not a big deal 

Relax – PayG’s plug and play integrations are now here to assist your developers. Our easy-to-use APIs and detailed documentation with SDKs are available on all the major platforms. Avail these and get started with our online payment gateway solution.

Developer Guide

payg integrations

Introduces Premium Features at Your Fingertips

payment gateway features

Payment Gateway

Your online business will have your own payment gateway where your customers will get the maximum payment options to choose from.​

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PayG Payment link Feature

Payment Link

Fill the details (payable amount, contact name, number, mail ID, etc.) and create sharable payment links for your customers.​

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pay button features

Pay button

Create and customize payment buttons to grab your customers’ attention and straightaway take them to the payment page.

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pay profile features

Pay Profile

Your business profile is just on the other side of our Gateway – fill in your details and create the catalogues to share it with your buyers.​

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invoice payments features


Generate flawless invoices just with a single click and share them in single or bulk with your customers.

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G-store features


Double the sales of your products with no extra effort – select the category and subcategory to upload your inventories and reach thousands of customers.

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booking and ticketing features

Booking and Ticketing

Get your own online booking solution inside PayG payment gateway – just enter the date-timings and venues and enable your customers to book the tickets.

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A convenient URL that allows customers to make payments easily by redirecting them to a secure payment page.

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Download Image

Complicated URLs? PayG covers you here too.

Get rid of the URL complications – launch the app with a single click on your mobile screen. Get all the records and your entire online store on your palm and access it anytime anywhere.

playstore     apple store

Payment Ease – We Mean It By Every Aspect

PayG ensures ultimate ease of payment with different modes of payment:

Accept payment from your customers through any cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, RuPay, Diner, etc.

PayG accepts payments from 75+ Banks which does not let a single customers face a lack of payment option.​

Provide the UPI links or QRs to capture the most of your customers – get UPI payments from 100+ Banks And Third Party Apps seamlessly on your gateway.

Capture the wallet users as well – we are partners with 15+ Wallets to make all your transactions safer than ever.​

Looking for Long term Growth? Sail with PayG

PayG proudly keeps the merchants on the focus – we leave no stones unturned to fulfil all your expectations from our payment gateway solution. We witness more than thousands of successful transactions daily and we invite to be one of them and take your business to the top gear.

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Get more leads
More Leads

Generate more leads and unlock more business opportunities.

Team Management
Better Customer Analysis

Develop concrete customer insights and grow your business further.

Frequently asked questions

Having queries? Let’s see we can resolve or not!

PayG provides value, convenience, transparency and most importantly security to all the merchants. Our payment gateway services are cost-effective and cover a wide range of payment solutions. By every means, PayG ensures that the customers never feel that their preferred payment option is unavailable in your app/website. if you are looking for offering a premium app-like payment page, PayG is here to hold your hand. Let your buyers have the best buying experience with our PCI compliant payment gateway.
Dashboard allows you to quickly visualize and manage your account at once! It helps to have an overview of the reports and metrics of the sensitive data to understand the progress of your business and take actions according to it. In PayG dashboard, you get
  • Accounting Dashboard
  • Real-time updates
  • Central point for reconciliation
  • Online Order tracking
  • Payment link solution
  • Invoice
The payments will be settled directly into your bank account.
Yes, you will be able to accept card payments from Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Rupay, Diner, and netbanking from 75+ Banks.
KYC is an acronym for "Know your Customer", a term used for customer identification process. It involves making reasonable efforts to determine true identity and beneficial ownership of accounts, source of funds and the nature of your business. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued guidelines under Section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act to carry a KYC for all merchants accepting payments in offline & online medium. So, you have to submit your documentation in order to continue verify your identity.​