Accept Online Payments Now Real Fast And Easily With PayG App

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Accept Online Payments Now Real Fast And Easily With PayG App

Posted On: August 14, 2021 Posted By: Prerna Saxena

Smartphones and tablets allow us to manipulate our daily duties and enterprise operations effortlessly at the go. Whether you promote online, in-store, or offsite, enforcing mobile bills is crucial in presenting a frictionless shopping for revel in on your customers. Using an Android or Apple smartphone, tablet, or any other device, you could live linked on your customers, force up revenues, and stable touchy price facts anytime, anywhere.

The need for mobile app payment gateway gets vital for online stores, providers of various services, and, actually, all types of businesses associated with money transactions via the Internet. Versatile shopping and making online payments is gaining ground as the technology advances. This mandates product and service vendors to offer mobile payment capability to their customers.

Mobile app payment performs an essential function in growing your revenue. If you're running an online business on an e-trade app, payment gateway is an obligatory device a service provider ought to use to develop their own line commercial enterprise. It allows withinside the easy feature of accepting online bills and coping with the transactions. The use of mobile app transactions is growing day via way of means of day. Moreover, clients locate it handy to shop for from a mobile app rather than a website.

PayG Mobile App

PayG gives easy and effective mobile price gateway offerings at extraordinary prices. The recognition is on making mobile clean and speedy, with minimal hassle. The conversion of this payment gateway with the portal fast, clear and viable, and for organizations which are trying to really use pay with in-application buys, PayG is one of the great answers as of now inside the market.

A reputed fee gateway that is flawlessly scalable to suit any form or length of business, PayG gives many extraordinary varieties of offerings centred at extraordinary varieties of businesses. Payment control is straightforward and intuitive, and PayG gives stable mixing with extraordinary varieties of features.

An interesting platform for mobile payments, PayG has already made a call for itself with its smooth interfaces, fast transactions and a smooth, easy integration procedure that doesn't take tons time or effort.


reg steps
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Account Verification




Just Checkout Our Features

If you are already a PayG merchant, enter your email ID and password to get started. If not, you can enroll or sign up on PayG through the PayG App itself, become our merchant and utilize the patched up application.

Dashboard Actions

A rundown of any transactions – approved transactions, declined transactions, cancelled transactions, and other uncompleted transactions.

  • A rundown of any transactions – approved transactions, declined transactions, cancelled transactions, and other uncompleted transactions.
  • By clicking More info, merchant can also check the transaction amount done by every payment mode.
  • Merchants can view the reports by Transaction Summary and by Payment Method also

Select the required period by clicking Filter by:

  • a) If the period is daily, select the date for which the report is required.
  • b) If the period is monthly, select the month for which the report is required.

Get paid more easily with Payment Links

Start collecting payments within a minute by just sharing a payment link. PayG payment link is created to assist you with smoothing out your payment transactions.

PayG Generate Invoice

PayG invoices can be created quickly and individually. You can send them to your customers at a single touch. Get your invoicing done in minutes. Create estimates and invoices from anywhere.

PayG Payouts

PayG automates your Payouts workflows and handles the complexity of fund transfer and compliance, thus reduce opportunities for human error. PayG Payouts used to send money to multiple people at the same time from anywhere.

payout flow
payout flow

Track your business

With the PayG app, you get a bird's eye view of how your business is doing, the inflow (Sales) and the outflow (refunds) and the cash flow (Settlements). With a few taps, you can track your daily sales and track how you've performed over the past month, quarter or custom period.


Online Website

Don't have a website or an app of your own? No problem. Create your own online website through the PayG app. Add your products, details, and pricing and get started with your online presence. Customers can buy your products from your website through a choice of multiple payment options so we take care of all payments.

The PayG app is your ideal friend, regardless of whether you're simply beginning or have a set up business, you can follow your business or rapidly make and offer solicitations through a delightful simple to utilize interface in a hurry. Give your clients an enormous scope of decision of payment alternatives and get paid without any problem.

The PayG App will permit you to perform transactions on-the-go, request money through sending payment links or invoices to customers and create an enterprise website, in minutes! All you want to do is down load the PayG App for your android or iOS mobile phones.

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