PayG Payment Button- Get Payment Button Today!

PayG Payment Button- Get Payment Button Today!

PayG Payment Button- Get Payment Button Today!

Posted On: January 22, 2021 Posted By: Narendra Solanki Singh

Payment Button

This button with a perfect design can be made in less time. It works precisely like the Payment link, yet has the upside of standing out for customers. A solitary snap on it is sufficient for your clients to purchase the item and pay for it without the requirement for a site. This Payment button can be embedded on your website or pages and get an expert and custom look, with no coding and experience the consistent payment. This gives your purchasers a disentangled, moment and secure checkout experience.

Benefits of PayG Pay Button

  • No Setup fee
  • Easy to integrate
  • Enable clients to take care of their bills whenever it suits them.
  • Allow clients to pay online utilizing their own strategy for decision – effectively and safely.
  • Boost productivity by utilizing email notices with Pay Buttons
  • Maintain PCI Level-1 compliance easily

PayG enables you to offer consistent checkout experience to your clients prompting higher change and lesser truck relinquishment. Together all, you can make its best, mess about and see what works the best for you and begin, without anyone else or eve without a website. Taking all things together, this is one man's activity sort of item.

Payment Button Dashboard

Accessible from the PayG Dashboard, Payment Button helps you to create a single line of code that you can embed on your website or blog and display a button. Eliminates the time and effort spent in a full-fledged payment gateway integration. Makes you go from Create-to-Collect in a matter of minutes.

Types of PayG Payment Button:

Different kinds of payment buttons can be utilized with PayG Payment Button on your site that is based on any web designer:

  • 1. Buy Now Button
  • 2. Pay Now Button
  • 3. Donate Button
  • 4. Add to Cart Button
  • 5. And even a customised labelled button is possible

Payment button empowers organizations and consultants to add a solitary line of code on their site or blog and go live with a coordinated payment passage, in under 5 minutes.

Start Accepting Payments with PayG Payment Buttons on your Website and Blogs

Another arrangement of miniature business visionaries-including consultants and individual-run companies-is on the rise in the midst of pay cuts, cutbacks and reduction of organizations in this Covid-period. PayG found that the underserved business network needs an altered payment arrangement which is simple and quick to execute, requiring no innovation skill or reliance on outsider sellers for getting payments. This prompted the dispatch of PayG Payment Buttons - a stage which changes over the abilities of a full-stack payment gateway into a payment button, requiring no designer backing and giving end-clients a straightforward, quick and secure checkout experience.

Signup For PayG Payment Buttons

Payment Buttons engage new companies and specialists to zero in on their business and their clients and not stress over having a computerized presence and tolerating cash without coordinating a payment gateway. Moreover, PayG's Payment Buttons will empower new development roads for the miniature business visionary network by supporting many monetary forms for global payments.

At PayG, one of our nearby needs is to help Startups and specialists endure this hardship with shrewd payment answers for fabricate a stronger business. PayG's Payment Buttons give organizations the adaptability of tolerating payments for numerous items, administrations and occasions with various value ranges - all through a solitary catch. The organization desires to help organizations save time, cash, and assets by incorporating this item.

We need to be their development accomplice particularly in these difficult stretches thus we will keep on conveying new and convincing payment arrangements that will meet the expanding computerized, 24x7 requests of organizations and their clients.

The item encourages organizations to send robotized receipts to clients with no manual intercession and is viable with driving web designers and substance the executive’s instruments. We are eager to see companies, specialists and homepreneurs influence this arrangement in India and around the globe and scale up their business.

Use Cases Of Payg Payment Buttons

  • Easy sharing functionalities
  • Can add Pay button on their website to accept payments
  • Solution for effortless & No-coding payment at hand
  • Easy and fast to implement
  • Customize the layout as per their branding
  • Customers should not think about providing a digital presence and accepting cash without adding a payment gateway.
Digital Content Creator
  • Five-minute solution with a pre-designed button template to add a secure payment option
  • Capability of developing infinite buttons and receiving 24*7 payments
  • No set up fess
  • Multiple payment modes
  • It can be adapted quickly.
  • A lot of donor information can also be obtained that comes with an inbuilt validation search
Education Technology
  • Simple to add to any section or fold of your page or blog
  • Can embed this button on social media platform also
  • No reliance on technology or design to set up this
  • Zero coding required
  • No reliance on technology or design to set up this
  • Within minutes, they can add a payment option anywhere they want
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Offer a smooth payment experience to your customers while giving yourself higher conversions.

PayG Payment button offer a smooth payment experience to your customers while giving yourself higher conversions. Our teams have worked to simplify corporate and individual payments from all the folds. As we create and curate more items for you, we would love to hear the following thoughts and feedback!


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