How To Use Payg Payment Gateway Without Integrating In Your Website

How To Use Payg Payment Gateway Without Integrating In Your Website

How To Use Payg Payment Gateway Without Integrating In Your Website

Posted On: October 13, 2020 Posted By: Prerna Saxena

There has been a powerful development in digital payments after demonetization. Individuals currently lean toward over cash. This move from a money situated economy to a credit only economy has made a requirement for a simple, straightforward and bother free medium to gather advanced digital payments for small and big merchants.

For small merchants and home-based business that doesn't have a web based business site, required an answer where they could gather online payments deal with their exchanges and develop their business volume. To make it a bit of cake for such merchants who need to gather online payments without a site, PayG payment gateway is the thing that they need.

PayG Payment Link Solution

Easy Collect And Collecting Order

This is our splendid payment solution for the business associations where in you owners can basically generate and share the payment links with their customers through any social direct or messages and get paid in a brief moment, without the need of a site. According to organizations and their volume, we have kinds of payment interfaces that will get you paid in a split second.

PayG permits customer to enter sum with individual subtleties on custom field esteems and merchant can acknowledge online payments. Simply make your own Payment link and offer it with your customer base by means of any web based life channel. At that point, the customer can finish the payment with numerous modes that PayG gives and the customer's cash will be credited to your record immediately. Snappy compensation additionally lets you to make payment connects that you can share over your customer base and get paid instantly.

Let’s take a look at how do payment links work:

  1. Generate payment links
  2. Share payment links
  3. Get paid instantly

Different payment modes supported by PayG Payment Links

  • Debit Card
  • Creit Card
  • Net banking
  • UPI
Benefits of PayG Payment Link
  • Easier for the merchants to collect money
  • Easier for the customer to pay
  • Batch Upload or Bulk Upload
  • Personalise you payment link
  • Collect payment faster
Payment Link Dashboard

You can create a Payment Link to collect funds from your customers via the Dashboard or APIs. Once a Payment Link is created, you can track its status on your Dashboard. Payment Links allows you to receive payments from customers via payment request URLs sent to them by email and SMS. When your customers open the URL, they are redirected to a page hosted by us, where they can complete the payment. You can customize this Payment Link request page as per your brand and business requirements.

Payment Button

This button with a perfect design can be made in less time. It works precisely like the Payment link, yet has the upside of standing out for customers. A solitary snap on it is sufficient for your clients to purchase the item and pay for it without the requirement for a site. This Payment button can be embedded on your website or pages and get an expert and custom look, with no coding and experience the consistent payment. This gives your purchasers a disentangled, moment and secure checkout experience.

Types of PayG Payment Button:

Different kinds of payment buttons can be utilized with PayG Payment Button on your site that is based on any web designer

  1. Buy Now Button
  2. Pay Now Button
  3. Donate Button
  4. Add to Cart Button
Benefits of PayG Pay Button
  • No Setup fee
  • Easy to integrate
  • Permit clients to take care of their bills whenever it might suit them.
  • Allow clients to pay internet utilizing their own strategy for decision – effectively and safely.
  • Boost productivity by utilizing email notices with Pay Buttons
  • Maintain PCI Level-1 consistence

PayG enables you to offer consistent checkout experience to your clients prompting higher change and lesser truck relinquishment. Together all, you can make its best, mess about and see what works the best for you and begin, without anyone else or eve without a website. Taking all things together, this is one man's activity sort of item.

Payment Button Dashboard

Accessible from the PayG Dashboard, Payment Button helps you to create a single line of code that you can embed on your website or blog and display a button. Eliminates the time and effort spent in a full-fledged payment gateway integration. Makes you go from Create-to-Collect in a matter of minutes.

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