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Just sit and order from home! Enhance the point-of-sale and your customer’s shopping experience. We streamline credit and debit processing with online access to real-time transactional data. Increases speed of service.

  •   Real-time transactional data with PayG
  •   Grocery specific interchange rates
  •   Increases speed of service
  •   Offering gift cards and loyalty

For Grocery

PayG offers a wide range of different payment solutions designed to enhance your customer’s grocery shopping experience. Meet growing customer demand for convenience and speed with seamless cart integration. PayG streamline credit and debit processing with online access to real-time transactional data. We offer debit acceptance features, including a cashback option. Also you can generate revenue from our gift card programs for grocery stores.

For Greengrocer

PayG provides a plat to the consumers to shop for the products listed on the location. All orders are acknowledged at current pricing. We are going to bill at price in effect at the time of receipt of cash and rising of an invoice. Some products which are listed on the net stores like fresh fruits and vegetables are products where prices change on a usual. You may be billed the costs prevalent during the invoicing of the products.

For Dairy industry

The global dairy sector is currently going change. Online ordering of inputs, real-time price information, and payment processing all are performed by PayG.

For floral industry

PayG provides easy and flexible payment term. Merchant amount enables to repay over time in small increments. It’s repaid as future master card payments are processed. There’s no have to think how the cash is going to be repaid as a little percentage of every payment is shipped in. During the slower seasons, this can be quite a flexible option. Supported the sales volume, loan the maximum amount as required, and apply for more funds.

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Designed to track your business on the move, whether small or large, the PayG app makes it easy to track your business performance and request payments.

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We anticipate working with your business. Regardless of whether you run a start-up, have been live for a few years,or an is enough experienced organization, PayG is here for you to take all kinds of payments quickly and securely.