What PayG aims?

  • Features List   Making subscriptions plans easy to understand for the customers
  • Features List   Tracking subscription payments easy for merchants
  • Features List   Preparing subscription catalogues in simple steps
  • Features List   Collect payments without reaching the customers again and again
  • Features List   Create a secure payment environment where the customers do not hesitate to pay

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Customers always look for savings – no matter what the amount is, saving is important to them. Subscriptions help them in saving decent amounts compared to the actual amount. It happens to be a lucrative deal to them – so, aim to convert your regular customers into your subscribers. At the juncture of this conversion, payment safety and ease matter a lot. A customer will drop being a subscriber due to payment glitches and security concerns. PayG removes both and earns subscriptions for you. Make them your subscribers and send detailed invoices every month to collect easy payments.

Your customers too will not have to remember to pay bills – the amount will automatically get deducted from the linked account. So, integrate PayG in your subscription-based business and earn more profit.

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Complicated URLs? PayG covers you here too.

Get rid of the URL complications – launch the app with a single click on your mobile screen. Get all the records and your entire online store on your palm and access it anytime anywhere.

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