But an unwillingness to accept digital payment is like a barrier to the stress-free slot. This is why PayG with the futuristic payment gateway comes to offer payment ease and a more relaxed time.


What Does PayG Offer to Spa and Salons?

  • Features List   A list of wellness services offered with pay profile
  • Features List   Online booking facility
  • Features List   Facility of receiving recurring payment
  • Features List   Freedom of getting paid with cards, UPI, Wallet, net-banking, etc.
  • Features List   Online visibility of the services to the nearby customers

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PayG’s point-of-sale solutions will facilitate your business management efficiently and effortlessly. PayG is safe and cost-effective, and it wholeheartedly aims to level up your salon & spa business by giving it the power of going online and reach more customers. They can book their preferred service in their preferred slots and prepay for it to avoid any kind of problem on their spa day or salon day.

In case, you need any guidance, PayG support team will be there 24*7 to assist you. Ns even after providing all these services, PayG refrains from being a burden to you – you can get all of PayG products and services at an affordable price, but without compromising security. The PCI-DSS compliance will ensure overall safety for you and for your customer data.

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Complicated URLs? PayG covers you here too.

Get rid of the URL complications – launch the app with a single click on your mobile screen. Get all the records and your entire online store on your palm and access it anytime anywhere.

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