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Retail Outlet

Retail Outlet

The raging demand for online retailing across the globe is anticipated to drive the net payment, thereby, propelling the payment gateway market over the forecast period. Furthermore, the retail companies are rigorously adding payment gateways to their standalone website to fuel the consumer’s order and build goodwill.

In today’s world retail environment has expanded well beyond the standard brick-and-mortar operation that was the norm for many years. PayG has kept pace by offering a full suite of all online payment systems, with the products and services that may help increase revenue of your retail business, enhance your bottom line and facilitate you be competitive within the marketplace.

  •   Acceptance of major credit cards and debit cards
  •   Comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) PIN debit card processing
  •   Electronic benefits transfer (EBT)
  •   Mobile and Wireless options

The Indian retail industry has emerged joined of the foremost dynamic and fast-paced industries. Retail payments usually involve transactions between two consumers, between consumers and businesses, or between two businesses, and with PayG you can easily add up this. Wholesale payments are typically made between businesses. Retail payment systems still evolve with advances in technology.

PayG enable your financial institutions to develop new products and services, lower the barriers to business entry for smaller institutions, and exploit economies of scale. Consumer and merchant acceptance of all the technological changes has been vital to the success of emerging retail payment systems and products. Consumers have shown willingness to just accept new retail payment technologies more quickly due to the convenience afforded by these new services.

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