PayG’s promise to the Restaurants

  • Features List   QR and link-based payments
  • Features List   Automated billing
  • Features List   Integrated management of the orders and payments
  • Features List   24/7 customer support

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PayG empowers your restaurant with a swiping gateway that can receive payments in the wink of an eye. Customers after finishing their meal can just scan a QR or click on a link sent to their number to pay for it. You will not have to make the calculations manually.

At the same time, PayG aims at increasing your reach to a wider population to grow your business. G-store, pay profile, etc. options will be there to make your business digitally presentable.

More and more restaurant owners are trying to find convenient and effective integrated payment systems where they can not just receive digital payments, but also manage all of payments as well. PayG comes up with the exact same solution without huge cost. Indian restaurant owners can easily afford it and take the liberty to receive payments through multiple modes and get settlements without any delay. PayG comes with a security promise as well with PCI-DSS compliance. So, gear up to get started with PayG payment gateway and witness your growth.

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Complicated URLs? PayG covers you here too.

Get rid of the URL complications – launch the app with a single click on your mobile screen. Get all the records and your entire online store on your palm and access it anytime anywhere.

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