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Responsive Checkout

Responsive Checkout

  •   PayG checkout can scale from a straightforward reconciliation with dashboard-configured items to a full server combination, giving you most extreme flexibility
  •   Mobile and Web The purpose of designing the best payments experience for checkout is to expand your income.
  •   Quick checkout Clients can check out with one click, the whole way across the web. This checkout works wonderfully on each and every device, with custom experiences for desktop, tab, and mobile.
  •   Fully acquiring network for speed and reliability
  •   Purpose-built, modular platform fits you forever
  • Next-level granular data empowers you to innovate

Intelligent Payment Routing

We route transactions with our intelligent and smart payment routing technology through our flexible processing engine to the best banks to guarantee the greatest payment achievement. We monitor payment conversions once a day and analyse payment details to improve transaction approvals.

Automatic Retry of Failed Payments

PayG has a very much characterized framework set up. Their Smart Dynamic Routing System changes to a high performing bank door, guaranteeing a higher transaction success rate and a positive client experience.

Smart Dynamic Routing — Faster Card Processing

If there are any fluctuations or the gateway of a specific bank isn't working well while making an online transaction, PayG's Smart Dynamic Routing rapidly routes the client's transaction through the splendid performing bank gateway as it distinguishes one instantly through its calculations. In such cases, Smart Dynamic Routing checks the possibility of a transaction failure, regardless of whether it has happened because of a bank server downtime, over-burden on bank servers or other issues.

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Designed to track your business on the move, whether small or large, the PayG app makes it easy to track your business performance and request payments.

Run your business from your pocket. With a few taps, you can track your daily sales and track how you've performed over the past month, quarter, or custom period.

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We anticipate working with your business. Regardless of whether you run a start-up, have been live for a few years,or an is enough experienced organization, PayG is here for you to take all kinds of payments quickly and securely.