NGOs collect a lot of donations and if the NGOs start collecting donations offline, the number of donors will be narrowed down. PayG is aware of it and it empowers the NGOs to ask for donations online from anyone anywhere.


What Does PayG Payment Gateway Offer the NGOs?

  • Features List  Easy QR generation
  • Features List   Easy payment link creation
  • Features List   Donation button to grab attention
  • Features List   Multiple-mode payment collection

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When your NGO decides to get a payment gateway from PayG, you can create a profile with all the details like the cause of the donation, images, etc. to inform your donor. PayG pay profile will help you to make a convincing profile here. And the profile can be shared with anyone through a link. As a result, you can reach donors in any corner of the world and expand the chances of meeting the targeted donation amount earlier. Since NGOs are charitable and non-profit organizations, PayG will be the most affordable payment gateway for them with PCI-DSS compliance.

It will not just help in getting maximum donations, PayG will help in keeping a record of all the donations that came in one page. You can sort the records the way you want and see the database in exactly the way you want.

With PayG, you can also store donors’ information like names and contact numbers to reach them in the future for other donations. And the best part is you do not have to bear the hefty processing fees to get PayG.

PayG assures faster transactions, 24*7 support for billing and technical assistance, an improved cash flow for the NGOs. It altogether help the NGOs to complete their noble tasks as soon as possible and engage in another. PayG understands that in India a huge number of people are in need of donations, and there are more people who can help with donations. NGOs are like the bridge between these two categories of people and PayG will make their daily tasks of asking and collecting donations easier.

With PayG payment gateway services, you can collect donations via cards, UPI apps, net-banking, wallets, etc. Also, PayG will take care of maintaining the donor database and generating flawless reports. In a nutshell, PayG reduces the workload and brings automation so that you can meet the donation amount earlier and make one helpful person smile sooner.

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Complicated URLs? PayG covers you here too.

Get rid of the URL complications – launch the app with a single click on your mobile screen. Get all the records and your entire online store on your palm and access it anytime anywhere.

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