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Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Customers want convenient ways to pay their health, life, and other insurance policies. At PayG we offer secure and convenient insurance payment processing for purchasers to pay by master card, debit card. Customers get the convenience to form one-time or recurring payments by phone, by text, online, mobile, or automated voice. PayG insurance payment services are trusted by thousands of shoppers with many transactions completed. Your customers can make monthly, quarterly, or annual insurance payments knowing that their data is protected. Our insurance payment processing uses patented technology with the best level of security that's compliant.

  •   No Hold, No Reserve, Next Day Funding
  •   Integrated solution with most merchant accounts.
  •   Minimize compliance complexity and process payments without exposing your applications to financial account data.
  •   Effectively limit risk
  •   24/7 customer service
  •   Maximize quality customer acquisition with credit and payment risk management solutions.

Your business covers many alternative forms of assets, and you wish to be ready for the unexpected. Policyholders want to pay all told forms of alternative ways, so you wish to be prepared to simply accept every kind of payment. We are ready with the people, tools, technologies, and support to assist you to accept payments, safely and conveniently, irrespective of how your customers want to pay. Insurance businesses typically have long-standing relationships with their customers who make premium payments detached over time. Accepting online payments has never been easier, starting with credit and debit cards. Accepting payments online could be a strategic necessity.

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Run your business from your pocket. With a few taps, you can track your daily sales and track how you've performed over the past month, quarter, or custom period.

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We anticipate working with your business. Regardless of whether you run a start-up, have been live for a few years,or an is enough experienced organization, PayG is here for you to take all kinds of payments quickly and securely.