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We need a straightforward and secure payment process for all sorts of business and this may surely satisfy your customers. If the interface is incredibly effective and user-friendly, then a large number of shoppers will like your service and plays a vital role in satisfying your customers. Payment gateway integration is vital within the cab app.

  • It will be very easy for the customers to use your cab booking app.
  • It allows them to pay the fare of the ride without carrying any cash with them.
  • The payment is completed easily by clicking the payment options within the cab booking app and customers can even add money to the wallet provided in their payment gateway.
  • This makes the entire process very easy in comparison to the standard way of the cab business.

PayG is very secure and safe to use. This attracts more potential customers to your cabs because the quantity they procure the taxi services goes on to the taxi business owner’s account or company account without having an intermediary in between. This option is incredibly safe because when the shoppers book a cab, they initially procure the ride and also the amount is deducted from the customer’s account given that the ride is completed and also the amount is back to customer’s account if the ride is cancelled. The same thing happens with drivers since the quantity goes on to the owner the drivers cannot make use of the money for the other purpose. The customers needn't carry their wallet rather than that, they will make use of an internet wallet system within the cab booking app or will pay for the ride using the master card or the charge account credit. So it's easy to mention if you have got your mobile app on your mobile, then you'll make use of this service with ease

Make an online store truly quick to begin your bakery store. Set up area based bakery shop items sub-stores for various areas in your city. Build retailers/venders sub-stores for quicker conveyance from the cake shop closest to the customer. And deliver to differing geolocations by on boarding accomplices on your online bakery marketplace. PayG offer geolocation based items, discounts, and payment and shipping options through our Future POS.


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How PayG is helpful for Cabs business

By integration PayG payment entry in your cab booking app, it's attainable to simply accept credit cards, contactless payments, and e-checks face to face and on the go.

PayG is one in every of the best, worldwide on-line payments system builds that creates that produces it easier to simply accept and make payments. With PayG, it supports on-line cash transfers and operates as a payment processor for vendors, auction sites, and different industrial users. We’ve integrated this payment entry in many of our customers’ cab booking systems and that they have all been very happy with this payment processor.

PayG payments permit each internet and mobile payment in a very straightforward and secure manner. one in every of the simplest things regarding this payment entry for taxi apps is that they don’t airt the user too persistently and lets them complete the payment method whereas staying at the checkout page itself.

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On the whole,using a PayG Virtual POS system to supplement your regular POS lets you increase your sales and build new customer relationships beyond the confines of your location, which in turn spurs growth and provides new opportunities to expand your business.

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