Online Ordering

PayG payment gateways brings the online marketplace for your bakery with the exclusive G-store feature. Customers can access the entire store and place orders for their favourite bread, cake, pastry, etc. from their mobile devices.

Secure Transactions

PayG employs robust security measures to protect your customer data. Our encryption and multiple security protocols ensure that all transactions are secure and authorized.

Multiple Payment Options

PayG supports various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, etc. so, the power remains in the hand of customers to choose their preferred payment method. It improves the overall customer experience.

Quick and Efficient Payments

PayG comes with payment link, pay button, etc. exclusive features to make transactions quick without compromising with safety. So, your bakery can handle a high volume of orders in a streamlined way without any manual intervention.

Integration with Point of Sale (POS) Systems

PayG enables you to integrate POS systems and ensure synchronization between online and offline payments. With this, your bakery can manage its sales and inventory more effectively with a centralized system of records.

Automated Invoicing and Billing

Maintain clarity and a positive brand image among your customers with PayG invoices. Show them detailed bills to get their trust for your bakery through PayG payment gateway.

Subscription and Recurring Payments

PayG invites you to grow your business further with subscriptions. Check out the buying patterns of your regular customers and bring them under subscription payments.

Analytics and Reporting

PayG comes with dynamic analytics and reporting tools to help you with deep insights into customer behaviour, trends, and much more. You can take wise decisions for your bakery with these.

With PayG, a bakery can expand its reach, enhance customer experience and manage its finance effortlessly.

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Complicated URLs? PayG covers you here too.

Get rid of the URL complications – launch the app with a single click on your mobile screen. Get all the records and your entire online store on your palm and access it anytime anywhere.

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