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UPI Payments

Get UPI payments through GooglePay, BHIM, WhatsApp, and so forth. Receive payments by means of UPI without the problem of taking care of SMS notifications or recalling your VPA. You can just make the use of applications like PhonePe, WhatsApp, BHIM and so forth to directly receive payments.

What is UPI?

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface which is a quick constant payment framework that helps in immediately transfer the funds in between the two bank accounts through mobile. Much the same as Credit and Debit cards, UPI is another payment alternative. It abstracts your financial details as a VPA. And rather than sharing complex account details, the client can simply share the VPA to accept/send cash. And also in real-time! Thus, UPI is an idea that permits various bank accounts to get into a single mobile application. This thought was produced by the NPC that is National Payments Corporation of India and is controlled by the RBI that is Reserve Bank of India and IBA (Indian Bank Association).


What is VPA?

VPA stands for Virtual Payment Address like your email (eg. payg@bankname). A VPA can be connected to any financial bank account.

UPI across platforms?

UPI can be used across different platforms and it can work crosswise over web and mobile. It is additionally supported on PayG's current Android SDK tools.

How one can make a VPA?

VPA can be made from a UPI enabled bank mobile app or the third-party app.

What makes UPI a protected platform?

This interface depends on the 2-Factor Authentication with a consistent single click payment. This element of UPI is lined up with the administrative rules that make it the most secure. 2-Factor Authentication is very like OTP. Here, MPIN will be utilized rather than OTP.

Key Features of UPI
  • Instant transfer of funds through IMPS that is Immediate Payment Service which is much quicker than NEFT that is National Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • Since it is totally computerized, one can utilize the benefit of UPI 24 hours and on all national holidays.
  • Need a single mobile app for getting to different financial accounts.
  • Uses a unique ID that is VPA as given by the bank.
  • Uses Account Number with IFSC Code and Mobile Number with MMID
  • MPIN that Is Mobile Banking Personal Identification number is needed to confirm every payment.
  • Every bank gives its very own UPI to various stages of Android, Windows, and IOS. The banks could conceivably charge for the UPI benefit.
  • Bill Sharing facility.
  • Best to do dealer payment, OTC payments, service charge payments, Barcode based payments, in-application payments.
  • One can file a complaint from Mobile App specifically.
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