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  • Immediate cash move through cell phone nonstop 24*7/365 days
  • Single versatile application for getting to different ledgers.
  • Mandates are made with one-time block usefulness for exchanges.
  • Mandates can be made and executed in a flash.
  • Merchants can undoubtedly acquire every day cashback
  • Customers can interface their overdraft record to UPI.
  • Invoice in the inbox
  • Signed expectation and QR for customers to check the realness of dealers while examining QR or fast reaction code.
  • PUSH and PULL Payment request for various purposes.
  • Uses an exceptional ID that is VPA as given by the bank.
  • Uses Account Number with IFSC Code and Mobile Number with MMID
  • Best to do vendor payment, OTC payments, administration charge payments, Barcode based payments, in-application payments
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What is UPI?

UPI represents Unified Payments Interface which is a speedy consistent payment system that helps in promptly move the assets in the middle of the two financial balances through portable. Much equivalent to Credit and Debit cards, UPI is another payment elective. It abstracts your budgetary subtleties as a VPA. Also, as opposed to sharing complex record subtleties, the customer can just share the VPA to acknowledge/send money. And furthermore continuously!

Simplify your business efforts with UPI 2.0

UPI 2.O is a seamless solution for customers to set up recurring payments using their UPI app. Customers can e-mandate and timetable a foreordained date to cover a common tab with no danger. PayG has been effectively running after making a superior stage for rustic independent companies and people to locate their online presence towards the 'Digital India.'

UPI 2.0 targets tending to worries by giving more settings to the fundamental exchanges. Most UPI exchanges have been payer started and zeroed in on individual to-individual (P2P) moves.

The capacity of dealers to send an advanced receipt alongside a gather demand in UPI 2.0 can help the payer with the ultimate objective of the sales and lift gather demand side exchanges.


  • One-time mandate
  • Linking of overdraft account
  • Invoice in the inbox
  • Signed intent and QR

Taapping Use Cases

Small and Mid-sized Enterprise-Enhanced exchange limits esteem. Encourage budgetary exchange to gather membership and one-time payments by sharing solicitations for making payments.

E-commerce & M-commerce- Resolves the cash of delivery option. Seamless fund collection from customers single identifiers.

Micro merchants/Retail stores- Instant payment acceptance by scanning QR codes set up at grocery stores/retail outlet in rural areas to make transaction seamless

Rural area businesses- Milk centres, poultry farms, flour mills, wholesale market, oil mills, etc., can opt for UPI-based transaction and get benefitted immensely

Subscription services- Use autopay for pull-based collect requests for school/colleges fees, mobile phone bills, electricity bills, water bills, utility payments at regular interval

What is VPA

VPA stands for Virtual Payment Address like your email (eg. payg@bankname). A VPA can be connected to any financial bank account.

UPI across platforms

UPI can be used across different platforms and it can work crosswise over web and mobile. It is additionally supported on PayG's current Android SDK tools.

How one can make a VPA

VPA can be made from a UPI enabled bank mobile app or the third-party app.

What makes UPI a protected platform

This interface depends on the 2-Factor Authentication with a consistent single click payment. This element of UPI is lined up with the administrative rules that make it the most secure. 2-Factor Authentication is very like OTP. Here, MPIN will be utilized rather than OTP.

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Do more of what you always wanted

Merchant Dashboard is another easy purpose of the offer and showcasing solutions worked to enable dealers to develop and deal with their organizations more than ever and is a part of PayG now.