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Understanding Virtual Pos System


Understanding Virtual POS Systems: Easy and Fast Solution

Accepting payments through multiple channels is a quick and simple approach to develop your business. With a Virtual POS, one can start processing credit and debit cards for all forms of purchases and can easily integrate in your system within a minute. With the incredibly quick advancement of digital marketing, a need among retail merchants and stores wherever had ascended for a progressively secure and stable method for accepting payments online. It allows you to accept payments via email or phone without putting away or storing customers' card data. This technology empowers you to see every one of your payments in a single place, smoothing out the entire procedure.

What is Virtual POS?

Virtual POS, the easy and quick web-based application that allows merchants and service sellers to manually authorize card transactions through the internet. This payment solution enables merchants to take a payment over the smartphone or from your computer/laptop — without a card reader. Present-day Virtual POS solution can take your business to the next level. While raising adaptability and versatility it likewise upgrades the customer’s experience. With the help of Virtual POS regardless of where you are, your business will consistently be in your pocket. It is a payment gateway that permits them to manually authorize card transactions initiated by the buyer. This procedure enormously extends its payment sources and diminishes the hour of the payment procedure, while including extra security.

How Virtual POS improves the payment experience?

This solution allows merchants and different service providers to process credit and debit card transactions without direct contribution of data by the customer. The merchant signs into his account and manages the process via a dashboard that cannot be accessed by the customer. Virtual POS stands out the foremost is that agile and quick integration aided by REST-API, which allows the merchant to apply the payment rationale that he wants for his business, without confinements. Today, we have everything readily available to make our life simpler. So for what reason should payments be limited to one spot? Virtual POS makes it simple for businesses to acknowledge payments any place you need and at whatever point you need. Virtual POS is the next-big-thing in the mobile payment solution market in India. Individuals today need comfort in a hurry, thus do businesses. The Virtual POS terminal framework is the most adaptable and adjustable solution for your online shop needs.

Level of security of a Virtual POS terminal

With advanced developments in the digital world, safety questions are certain to arise, in particular with payments made through a Virtual POS terminal. Your customers are probably questioning how safe it is for them to provide you with their information/data online. As a whole, the built-in security functions of a Virtual POS terminal permit for regular transactions. The Virtual POS terminal combines with a charge platform in PCI- DSS environment to provide an entire payment experience, increasing the satisfaction for both businesses and customers.

Features of Virtual POS Terminal

For Merchants:

  • Convenience, speedy and clean integration and connection with payment platforms.
  • Complete manage of the whole transaction process.
  • PCI-DSS compliance which increases security in collecting, storing and keeping payment cards.
  • Management of reusing payment cards previously stored in PCI-DSS environment.
  • Easy to use, because it simplifies among the processes.
  • Suitable for a selection of devices and platforms (Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, etc.).

For Customers:

  • Faster, easy and simplified payment process.
  • No extra software desires to be downloaded.
  • Expanded range of secure charge options.
  • Security of sensitive records in PCI-DSS compliance.
  • Payments realization irrespective of in which the consumer is on mobile, on desktop.
  • Suitable for a selection of devices and platforms (Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, etc.).


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