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The Amazing Story of AMR Sumangalee Jewellers and its PayG experience

The Amazing Story of AMR Sumangalee Jewellers and its PayG experience

Nobody can recount to our story better than the organizations who have confided in us to give and support the arrangements permitting them to develop.

We endeavour to convey the best start to finish online payments to make it smooth and bother free for our shippers and their organizations. Our goal is to engage them bringing about their development with our consistent payments for their business. This segment on our blog page would give the stunning merchant stories, their excursion, and their involvement in PayG Payment Gateway. In this piece, we present to you the following example of overcoming adversity of our esteemed merchant “AMR Sumangalee Jewellers”.

About AMR Sumangalee Jewellers – How was it started? What does it offer?

Sumangalee Jewellers was established by Mr. P. Arumugam Aasari. He began with a gold manufacturing unit in 1980 and founded Sumangalee Jewellery. AMR Sumangalee Jewellers in Salem is recognized as a high-quality gold manufacturer with an extensive jewellery product range to meet the expectations of every customer.

AMR needs a start to finish payments accomplice that had a sharp eye for superb client assistance at a customer-friendly value point. As well as being a solitary start to finish payments accomplice, PayG worked with payments at each point in the end-client experience while furnishing Shortcuts' B2B clients with the cost savings of a single provider.

Openings and Challenges

The jewellery market is wildly cutthroat, and every industry classification faces its own arrangement of difficulties and openings. Following are a few models:

Work on online presence: Established gems brands are feeling the squeeze to improve their online presence, as buyers overall progressively shop online for fine and extravagance gems.

Improve efficiencies: Both new and arising players contend to give great quality, extraordinary assistance and capably satisfying requests.

Innovate or perish: All jewellery retailers and eCommerce suppliers are feeling the strain to develop, as hybrid start-ups companies present new techniques for selling.

The Solution

PayG is a perceived payment preparing brand among jewellery setters, providers and wholesalers. Our change to PayG was a truly, it was an instrumental move for us and it was a major shift for us. We had the option to open up some new business sectors, we were open to new clients who most likely wouldn't have been clients before and it's eliminated a great deal of erosion for us.

PayG's detailed documentation helped AMR Sumangalee Jewellers to integrate and get live with the new payment solution in just one day. The 24-hour support that even extended to AMR Sumangalee Jewellers customers helped in resolving customers immediate payment issues.

With PayG’s end-to-end payment solutions, AMR Sumangalee Jewellers streamlined and optimized their entire payments process. And by doing so, they significantly improved key business metrics that contributed to the overall success of the business.

Experience sharing from AMR Sumangalee Jewellers for PayG Payment Gateway…

Mr. Aasari says and it is quite evident that a Payment gateway is necessary for the success of any online business. They found PayG as the best, easy, and most helpful gateway for themselves.

How AMR Sumangalee Jewellers and PayG Payment Gateway make a great Team…

Speaking about PayG and his business payments, Mr. Aasari said, “I got almost all payment options with the PayG payment gateway, including Paytm wallet. And help support is also good with them because they provide email, chat as well as call support.”

He continued and said, “As a merchant of PayG Payment Gateway as well as the owner of the jewellery store, so far my experience has been the best with PayG. We have faced a lot of issues with other payment gateways such as too many failed payments, a lot of time taken in the settlements, no call support, more than 24 hours taken to resolve any issue, absence of wallet option in the payment modes, and so on…”

AMR Sumangalee Jewellers integration with PayG was fast and hassle- free; it saved time, effort and the additional resource cost for handling payments. While payments were an important aspect of the business, AMR Sumangalee Jewellers wanted to stay focused on the core business of selling best livestock by strengthening their supply chain. They always wanted a payment solution that was stable and self-fulfilling, in order to focus on their core business, PayG turned out to be that holistic solution for them.

Summarising their overall experience, he said, “I would like to tell all of you that if you want to start a business then the best option in the payment gateway will be PayG. All in all, my experience so far with PayG has been very good, especially their help support, their support team is always available.”

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