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Recurring Payments

Recurring Payment

Set the Recurring Payments by yourself

  • Start collecting one-time or recurring payments via card, bank transfers, and other popular payment methods instantly.
  • Understand your growth, churn, and retention rates with automatically generated reports
  • Easier to manage the business by predicting the cash flow and thus make plans for the future.
  • Increases efficiency and reduces late payments by using our recurring billing system
  • Offer a variety of billing cycles, with flexible time periods, and multiple pricing levels.
  • Collect more revenue
  • Webhook notification
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setup fee

Account Activation

few minutes

Accept Payments

in minutes

How PayG Recurring Billing Works?


Step 1

Create a recurring billing plan via dashboard or API.


Step 2

Add customer details and notify them


Step 3

Authenticate and charge for the required plan.

Experience the smartest way to automate recurring payments with PayG. Now you'll transcend billing and recurring invoices to deliver an automatic subscription experience that's simply remarkable. Simplify the payment process for the customer and ensure timely collection of payments.

  • Provision to create your own plan
  • All Credit & Debit Cards available
  • Easily Manage Transactions
  • Easy and simple to use

You will found out recurring payments for your customers at a required frequency like weekly, monthly or maybe yearly.

Payment options: Credit cards, debit cards, net banking and UPI are available to your customers.

One time payments, recurring payments, standing instructions, payment retries, free trials, late fees charges, add on charges, surcharges, etc. are available through our APIs.

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Do more of what you always wanted

On the whole,using a PayG Merchant Dashboard system to supplement your regular Dashboard lets you increase your sales and build new customer relationships beyond the confines of your location, which in turn spurs growth and provides new opportunities to expand your business.

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