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PayG Collect-The Power of Payment Solution

Reconciliation Platform- Reduces time and hassles of reconciling and settling through multiple network connections

Make use of our AutoCollect Services for matching all the inbound payments to your customers through our virtual accounts and UPI IDs. PayG will help you receive payments by looking after the whole reconciliation process.

Detailed Reporting

PayG offer detailed reporting. With this information at your fingertips, you can reconcile faster and make better-informed decisions about your business. We offer our clients the ability to track and automatically reconcile their payments.

PayG Collect-The Power of Payment Solution


setup fee

Account Activation

few minutes

Accept Payments

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How PayG Collects Work?


Step 1

Sign Up for a PayG account.


Step 2

Create a virtual bank account or UPI ID via REST API or PayG dashboard in real time.


Step 3

Share virtual bank account or UPI ID for payment via email/SMS/WhatsApp with every customer to add it as a beneficiary.


Step 4

Funds can be remitted to these virtual account numbers through NEFT,IMPS, RTGS or UPI payment through any UPI app.


Step 5

Payment received and automatically reconciled


Step 6

Get notified via webhook and PayG dashboard

What is a Virtual Bank Account?

A virtual account number is a 16 digit system generated unique account number. In PayG Collect Services, merchant can create unique virtual bank account number for each of your customer using PayG APIs and automate reconciliation process

What is Virtual UPI ID?

Virtual UPI ID is a unique ID you need to create in order to send and accept money via UPI

Virtual Bank Account  -  PayG

Why to choose PayG Collect

  • Virtual account creation at zero cost in real time
  • Create custom UPI IDs to suit your business needs and branding
  • Customers can make payment via NEFT,IMPS, RTGS or UPI
  • Automatically reconcile inbound payments
  • Make settlement and reconciliation easy
  • Deactivate an account any time you wish
  • Instant refund

Benefits of PayG Collect Services

  • Improved fund management
  • Guaranteed availability of payer’s information
  • Track every arriving payment easily
  • Ease of reconciliation of account receivables
  • Real time notification
  • Cost Saving for both the customers as well as payer’s/distributors
  • No KYC required for creating the virtual account
  • Manage all your payments through our dashboard
  • Easy and secure integration with our APIs
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 anywhere, mobile convenient


The usage of PayG Collect means that easy payment for customer, whereas merchant gets higher visibility of payment assortment standing that helps in effective cash flow management.

Educational Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Individual unique UPI ID for every student
  • Readily available and time saving
  • School administration can maintain a complete record of fee payment transactions
  • Reduced cash handling
  • Accessible from anywhere, mobile convenient
Utility Bills
  • Mobile phone bills, electricity bills, water bills, OTT subscription, DTH bills can be easily collected by just creating UPI ID
  • UPI ID can be created based on the user’s name or mobile number
  • Utility bills can be made hassle free with PayG Collect
  • Users doesn’t have to visit any payment app or website to make a payment
  • Helps in faster settlement
Utility Bills  -  PayG
B2B payments
  • Help to accept bulk payments
  • Collection of payment is faster
  • Regular invoices for payments of large volume
  • Hassle free and less security risk
  • Transactions can be reconciled instantly
  • It reduces the amount of work involved for your finance or accounting team
Donations/Event based payments
  • For accepting donation from multiple sources, donors can create a virtual bank account or UPI ID from PayG Collect
  • Share your virtual bank account number or UPI ID with the customers to collect payments for the events
  • Simplifies the reconciliation process by tracking each payment
  • Reduction in administration cost
subscription Payments  -  PayG
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Do more of what you always wanted

On the whole,using a PayG Merchant Dashboard system to supplement your regular Dashboard lets you increase your sales and build new customer relationships beyond the confines of your location, which in turn spurs growth and provides new opportunities to expand your business.

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