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Fully detailed documentation that makes building any payments system a breeze

  • PayG give developers easy to understand and flexible payment integration techniques.
  • Our REST API payment gateway are planned to be as natural as conceivable - whether you're a beginner or an accomplished software engineer
  • PayG makes it simple to receive payments in your mobile application or website.
  • We offer designers an assortment of toolboxes, code, testing, and telephone support to guarantee a consistent exchange of information.
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Quickest Go-to-Market

Instant Payment Gateway Integration Services

Merchants can go live with PayG with least manual intervention; merchants can receive payments with real payment choice on day one of online activation. A range of payment alternatives, for example, Visa, Master, Maestro credit and platinum cards, Net banking choices and in addition cash cards are linked to a merchant account through PayG payment gateway.

  • Making PayG live on merchant website includes the least technical efforts; our integration API makes the transaction a simple, easy and seamless procedure.
  • Integrated PayG on your site is simple and includes less expense and effort.
  • Our quick and seamless integration APIs, detailed integration pack and are very much characterized inside procedures, let you begin with your online business or e-commerce business in a short period of time.

This element encourages you to limit payments bounces and empowers clients to make payment without leaving your site.

No sensitive card information is gathered or saved on your site. PayG will deal with the majority of that for you. Your business thus can profit by decreased PCI DSS compliance costs and necessities.


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few minutes

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in minutes

IFrame Integration

Our unique feature of iframe integration lets you receive online payments on your checkout page without being PCI compliant. Rather than being directed to a PayG facilitated payment page, your clients will stay on your site to make payments. Be that as it may, at the back-end, PayG will safely gather the payment data and get it approved for you.

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Do more of what you always wanted

On the whole,using a PayG Merchant Dashboard system to supplement your regular Dashboard lets you increase your sales and build new customer relationships beyond the confines of your location, which in turn spurs growth and provides new opportunities to expand your business.

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