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Fraud and Risk Protection

Safeguard your growing business from fraud

  • PayG is backed by the leading fraud-fighting technology to help you accelerate payments and reduce risk.
  • Customized Prevention Strategies.
  • Protect your business at every stage of the buying process with our comprehensive fraud stack.
  • No unmonitored transactions.

We have a fraud identification group observing our site for

  • Fraudulent clients.
  • Fraudulent merchants
  • Any suspicious activities

For International and Multi currency Payments, where the affinity of fakes and frauds can be higher, PayG works with Retail Decisions Fraud Prevention to guarantee the most elevated amount of hazard well-being.


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Highlights of fraud counteractive action control in real life

  • There are some guidelines which imply that nations from where high events of fakes have been accounted for are in the PayG's prohibited rundown of International/Multicurrency exchanges. A database of fraudsters gets refreshed on live premises. Payments are recognized and blocked, in light of the suspicious history of card bins and people.
  • There are risk rules in view of speed and value, which can recognize payment endeavours of unusual sums or high recurrence disappointments, and stop such payments in that spot.
  • PayG works for its traders enthusiastically towards their objective of extending their business in global regions. In the event that you trust, your computerized business can possibly go worldwide.
  • There might be a risk in online business; however, there are more benefits than disadvantages. At PayG, the risk management group makes a special effort to guarantee each exchange is substantial, secure and legitimate. PayG is the most effortless approach to gather payments on the web in the event that you are an online merchant
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Do more of what you always wanted

On the whole,using a PayG Merchant Dashboard system to supplement your regular Dashboard lets you increase your sales and build new customer relationships beyond the confines of your location, which in turn spurs growth and provides new opportunities to expand your business.

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