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PayG combines deep experience with comprehensive technology to help insurers overcome their most vital insurance accounting and finance challenges.

  • Payment gateway stores customer details securely for future reference
  • Accepts various payment methods
  • Flows the transactions safely
  • Maintains an uninterrupted channel for sending amount from cardholder’s bank account to acquirer’s bank account
  • Enables easy way of making payments
  • Supports multiple instant payment for connectivity and payments processing.
  • Secure management dashboard across all payment channels.

The PayG sends the payment info to a merchants getting bank that then processes the information for the merchant momentarily. We have a tendency to secure your payment process. Keeping the data of the client secure creates trust between you and your customers. Especially, block chain technology makes it even safer. By preferring a block chain, each you and your customers will secure their cash. Extend your bank system platforms and interact your customers seamlessly with digital one, a group of interactive modules designed on one common enterprise design using real time analytics and an API. PayG provides a continual feature; you'll make certain that your customers keep as long as doable. Facilitate merchants to connect with acquirers. Inside the method, they receive payments from customers, pool and transfer them on to the merchants when a time-lag. Apart from handling funds, they additionally get access to customer information.


For Issuing Bank

  • Mobile Payment Solution
  • Payment Security
  • Payment Link Solution
  • Prepaid Card


setup fee

Account Activation

few minutes

Accept Payments

in minutes

For acquiring bank

  • Online and in-store payment options
  • Protect Merchant side transactions
  • Mobile solution to your customers
  • PayG payment solution offer merchants to sell their goods& services on the marketplace
  • Loyalty programs
  • Authentication and fraud prevention
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On the whole,using a PayG Virtual POS system to supplement your regular POS lets you increase your sales and build new customer relationships beyond the confines of your location, which in turn spurs growth and provides new opportunities to expand your business.

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